Vacation Clubs

The timeshare industry is rapidly changing. What was once a traditional deeded real estate product is quickly transforming into newer, better ways to plan vacations and secure accommodations. Many brands are launching vacation clubs, providing a different take on what it means to own a timeshare.

But what exactly is a vacation club, and how are they different from other travel products? Understanding how vacation clubs work is an important step in timeshare ownership—and we have you covered.

How Vacation Clubs Work

Vacation clubs are offered by prominent hospitality brands as their vacation ownership solution. Joining a vacation club means you not only own a timeshare at a specific resort, but you also own a membership in that specific club. Vacation clubs often give you the opportunity to vacation at your “home resort” every year, and also come with a variety of extra perks and travel benefits exclusive to members only.

For example, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club offers immediate enrollment at a premier level in Hilton’s HHonors rewards program for all club members. Your vacation ownership club might also feature access to exclusive on-site amenities or private clubhouses during your trip.

However, what sets vacation clubs apart from a traditional timeshare ownership is the opportunity to stay at different resorts. Many vacation clubs offer their members yearly accommodations not only at their home resort, but at other properties that also belong to your club. For example, Marriott Vacation Club members could stay at Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove in the Virgin Islands one year, and Marriott’s StreamSide resort in Colorado the next.

About Vacation Club Points

Many vacation clubs have adopted the points system to simplify the reservation process for members. When you become a member of a vacation ownership club, you’ll notice that you are allotted a certain number of points, depending on how much you spend on your timeshare. These points can be used for reservations at your home resort, or on other accommodations at affiliated properties. You may also save your points for a bigger trip the following year, or borrow points from next year’s supply, but these rules vary by brand.

Vacation Club vs. Travel Club

Odds are, you’ve heard of travel clubs. The biggest distinction between vacation clubs and travel clubs is what’s included. Vacation clubs relate to timeshare ownership of particular accommodations, and offer exclusive on-site perks. Travel clubs, on the other hand, typically offer package deals that encompass airfare, accommodations, car rentals, and even meals. While some hospitality brands may offer travel clubs of their own, vacation clubs are very clearly sold as timeshare interests.

List of Vacation Clubs

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