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If you own a timeshare, fractional, vacation club points, resort interval or any kind of shared vacation property, you have arrived on the right website. VacationOwnership.com is a unique online timeshare resale marketplace run exclusively by licensed timeshare real estate agents.

We hope the following resources help you whether you need to sell or rent out your vacation ownership.

Sell Your Timeshare
Selling timeshares has never been easier thanks to VacationOwnership.com’s licensed timeshare real estate brokers. There are no upfront fees for qualifying properties, so you’ll pay nothing until your property sells.

Rent Your Timeshare
Don’t let you timeshare vacation go to waste when you cannot use it. Rent it out to a vacationer and cover your maintenance fees and other ownership costs. With our simple low-cost rental programs, we handle the entire process for you.

Timeshare Value Survey
Determine the value of your timeshare on the resale market with our free timeshare value survey. There is no commitment and you’ll finally know what to expect when you sell.

Critical Seller Information
A must-read for any owners considering selling timeshares on the resale market. Learn what to look for in a timeshare reseller.

Timeshare Seller FAQ
You have questions about selling your timeshare; our licensed timeshare brokers have the answers. Benefit from their years of experience in timeshare resales and timeshare closings.

Timeshare Exchange
Still love your ownership, but feel like you aren’t getting the most out of it? Try timeshare exchange. By joining an exchange company like RCI or Interval International you can trade into thousands of additional resorts worldwide.

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