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Timeshare Resale Information

For a long time, timeshare resales were a well-kept secret in the timeshare industry. But no more. Thanks to companies like VacationOwnership.com, timeshare resale is now a widely-recognized facet of the timeshare industry. Owners can have easy access to interested buyers, and buyers can find great deals on their future vacations.

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Whether you already own timeshare and want to expand your ownership, you’ve rented a timeshare before and want to become an owner, or you are completely new to timeshare travel and want to learn more about the basics, this page will help you make sense of time share resales, the resale marketplace, and its benefits for current and prospective timeshare owners.

What Are Timeshare Resales?

To put it very simply, timeshare resales are timeshare properties that are for sale by owner or through a timeshare broker rather than for sale direct-from-the developer.

Why Are Timeshare Resales Better Than Buying Retail?

With a timeshare resale, you can purchase luxury properties for well below retail prices. Compared to straight-from-the-developer timeshares, resales can provide you with a savings of up to 70%—a savings that translates into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Timeshares purchased from a developer are more expensive for one reason: developers have to compensate for extravagant advertising and marketing costs when pricing their timeshares. Chances are, you’ve heard of timeshare promotions, in which free incentives are offered in exchange for attendance at a high-pressure sales presentation. Well, when you buy from the developer, you’re paying for your own freebies as well as the freebies of 90% of the other attendees.

Another factor that not all timeshare buyers realize is that developer-sold timeshares are not necessarily new vacation properties. Many are timeshares that have been enjoyed by other families for years and then resold to the resort. Chances are you’re buying a used timeshare whether you buy from a developer or on the resale market—the only difference is what price you will pay.

Why Buy a Timeshare Resale Through VacationOwnership.com?

Simple. Because our business operates through ethical and transparent policies, we can guarantee some of the best-priced timeshare resales in the industry. Our licensed timeshare brokers never charge an upfront fee, so owners don’t feel the need to raise the prices of their timeshare sale to cover advertising expenses. Furthermore, we advise our clients on how to price their timeshares aggressively in order to sell them in today’s market. Consequently, buyers coming to our site enjoy a wide range of timeshares for sale priced below or at fair market value in thousands of locations around the globe.

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