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Diamond Resorts International is one of the largest vacation clubs in the industry, offering high-quality accommodations at resorts across the United States and the rest of the world. Timeshare resale buyers may notice a variety of different options from Diamond when shopping on the secondary market, and that’s because there are many different collections and clubs within Diamond Resorts International available to vacationers.

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Types of Diamond Timeshare Ownership

When purchasing a Diamond timeshare on the resale market, there are three types of ownership you can acquire. Each comes with its own set of benefits, and caters to a different type of traveler.

Deeded Diamond Timeshare Units

Perhaps the most popular type of resale listing is a deeded timeshare within Diamond Resorts International. Purchasing a unit like this gives you traditional timeshare ownership with your own accommodations, home resort, and season. Owning a deeded week will give you access to all the exclusive benefits of being a Diamond timeshare owner, and you’ll be able to easily book your room each year for your trip.

DRI Collections

Another way to purchase a Diamond timeshare resale is to buy DRI Collection points from a current owner. Diamond operates a number of different “collections,” or a group of resorts belonging to a specific region or affiliated brand. Diamond manages nine collections, which include:

Each of these collections house a handful of Diamond-branded resorts. Ownership within these collections is points-based, which means owners get to spend their points on accommodations as they like—they often do not have a set week or unit type, as deeded owners do.

THE Club

Diamond’s biggest and all-encompassing club—simply called THE Club—gives owners access to all Diamond branded resorts, across all collections. It is Diamond’s own internal exchange club that allows you to make reservations at any Diamond resort you’d like to visit. To be a member of THE Club, Diamond stipulates that you must purchase directly from the developer. However, it is possible for buyers to purchase points on the resale market, then pay a small cost to upgrade their points to THE Club level of membership.

Diamond Resorts International Timeshare Exchange

The rules for exchanging your Diamond timeshare differ by whatever type of ownership (see above) you have.

For deeded timeshare owners, you cannot exchange internally at other Diamond timeshare resorts, but you may purchase an Interval International membership to deposit and trade your deeded property externally.

Resale owners within DRI collections may use their points to book accommodations at any resort that belongs to that specific collection. For example, if you purchase resale points in the U.S. Collection, you can travel to any of the resorts with that designation. Like deeded owners, you may acquire an Interval International membership for more exchange options.

Those who own resale points at THE Club can only exchange if they upgrade their points as mentioned above.

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