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The Hilton Grand Vacations Club is one of the best and most popular timeshare ownership brands in the world. With dozens of resorts spread across countries like the U.S., Scotland, Spain, and more, HGVC gives its members new and exciting vacation possibilities each year. VacationOwnership.com features hundreds of Hilton timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at HGVC resorts, giving travelers like you the opportunity to earn your way into the club for thousands less.

If you’d like to learn more about Hilton timeshares, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, or if you’re ready to change the way you vacation with a timeshare resale, call one of our specialists at (866) 633-1030 today, or just fill out the form to the right!

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Hilton Grand Vacations Club Membership

Earning your way into the Hilton Grand Vacations Club involves buying a timeshare. When a traveler or family of travelers purchases a Hilton timeshare, they are automatically enrolled in the club. For Hilton timeshare resale buyers, the process is a bit different. It’s still entirely possible to become a member with a resale, but you must pay a transfer fee to enter. However, with the savings you keep from buying a timeshare resale instead of from a developer, the cost is well worth it.

HGVC Points System

One of the reasons why Hilton is so popular among timeshare enthusiasts is because of their easy-to-use points system. Unlike traditional timeshare ownership clubs that bind you to specific weeks and resorts, HGVC members are allotted a certain point amount each year. HGVC points enable members to book accommodations at their home resort or any other Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort.

HGVC points also enables members to choose how they want to spend their vacation—whether it’s all at once or broken into several smaller trips. What’s more, members can bank extra points to save for future use, or borrow from next year’s allotment to take a bigger vacation.

The points system eliminates the monotony of vacationing to the same place with the same accommodations each and every year. Plus, it also allows for easier timeshare exchanges through RCI, with which all HGVC resorts are affiliated. Hilton timeshare resale buyers can still take advantage of the points system, provided they take the proper steps to become a member.

Find Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Today

Your ticket into the Hilton Grand Vacations Club is waiting on the timeshare resale market! Buying a timeshare resale enables you to unlock a lifetime of cost efficient vacations and exclusive travel perks from HGVC. If you’re interested in buying or renting a Hilton timeshare, contact the independent resale specialists at VacationOwnership.com by calling 866-633-1030.

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