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If you think you can’t afford to take a vacation, you are not alone! Thousands of people around the world feel that they cannot possibly fit a vacation into their budget. However, you may change your mind when you discover the benefits of joining a travel club.

A travel club membership grants each member access to travel, related services, amenities, and lodging. Some may even provide discounts for major vacation attractions, like theme parks. There are many travel clubs and all have their own unique features, responsibilities and benefits.

The main idea behind a travel club is to pay a one-time expense, instead of continually opening your wallet to pay for accommodations, food, travel, etc. This convenience allows you to focus on what’s important—your vacation.

What Makes a Travel Club Different From a Timeshare?

A travel club offers discounted (or prepaid) travel services, often encompassing food, hotel stays, and other amenities. Often these take the form of “packages” which frequently include airfare to/from your destination, discounts on car rentals, lodging, and meals. When you buy a timeshare, most often you’re just getting a place to stay—though, to be fair, timeshares are typically condominium-sized luxury units with a full kitchen. While not exactly a deal-breaking hardship, you may find that the time spent coordinating activities, transportation, and meals may cut into your relaxing vacation time.

To make matters slightly more confusing, some major timeshare resort brands offer their own travel clubs. Some timeshare points systems can be redeemed for discounted travel services. Again, each club is different, just as every resort brand is different. If you already own a timeshare, we encourage you to speak with your home resort to learn about available membership opportunities. If you are thinking about buying into a vacation club or a travel club, it is important to research what other members are saying about the club.

In some parts of the world, travel clubs operate in a similar fashion to timeshares, but they may not covered by the same legislation as timeshares. The travel club memberships offered for sale on are all reputable, and many clubs affiliated with major trusted timeshare resort brands. However, even though dealing with a particular resort brand may offer certain advantages, it’s important to remember that each club is unique and each comes with its own opportunities (and obligations). This is why it is important to read what other members are saying about travel clubs.

Travel clubs also offer inexpensive travel insurance. This, by itself, is a strong incentive to purchase a travel club membership. If disaster strikes, travel insurance could mean the difference between a lifelong vacation memories and a series of unfortunate events.

Why Join a Travel Club Instead of Just Searching the Internet for Travel Deals?

Simply put: convenience. It is much more convenient to select from several vacation packages than it is to sit down and plan every second of your vacation beforehand. How you’re going to get there, where to stay on the road, what to eat, how to hit all the attractions without wasting a single second of your precious vacation time… with a travel club package, everything is already planned (and paid) well in advance. No more wondering if you brought enough cash to the restaurant, no more wondering if you budgeted enough gas to get to your destination, no more worrying whether or not you found the cheapest flights.

Because each travel club product is so unique, we encourage you to contact us with any questions about your membership. If you need help buying or selling a membership in a travel club, please contact the experts at

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