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The facts are in. Today, in many countries around the globe, and particularly in the United States, the ratio of work time to vacation/holiday time is growing dangerously out of balance. According to a recent survey by Expedia.com, “About one-third of employed U.S. adults (34%) usually do not take all of the vacation days they receive each year—representing an increase from 31 percent reported in 2008” (click here to view Expedia’s full study). This statistic is additionally troubling given the fact that American workers receive the least vacation days of any country surveyed and they leave one of the highest percentages of these days unused. Expedia’s study found that in 2009:

  • In the United States, workers received an average of 13 vacation days and left 3 days unused.
  • In Canada, workers received an average of 19 vacation days and left 2 days unused.
  • In Australia, workers received an average of 19 vacation days and 3 left days unused.
  • In Great Britain, workers received an average of 26 vacation days and left 2 days unused.
  • In Spain, workers received an average of 30 vacation days and left 3 days unused.

The statistics don’t lie. We are a nation—and a world—in vacation deprivation.

The solution? Make time for a vacation or holiday with your loved ones, family or friends. Vacationing regularly has been shown to improve productivity at work, health, personal relationships and overall happiness; whereas lack of vacation time has been linked to “burn out” at work, increased stress levels, depression and even an increased risk of death by heart attack in both men and women.

Take a Timeshare Vacation

One of the best ways we know to ensure that you will actually go on vacation is to invest in a vacation timeshare. Recent industry studies by ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) have shown that an impressive 82% of timeshare owners use their timeshare vacation intervals every year. Why? When you own a timeshare property, it’s easier to plan and budget for travel, because your vacation accommodations are already prepaid and guaranteed to be excellent.

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Top Ten Timeshare Vacation Destinations

Not sure what kinds of timeshare vacations are available? Check out VacationOwnership.com’s top ten timeshare vacation destinations for an idea of where a timeshare can take you on your next vacation!

Timeshare Vacations in Florida
With its myriad theme parks, 1,800 miles of coastline, over 900 pristine golf courses, ample water-sports, vibrant nightlife and its near-perfect, year-round subtropical weather, the Sunshine State attracts over 80 million visitors each year. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Orlando
This city is home to over 50% of Florida’s timeshare resorts, and it has more timeshare units than any other city in the world! In addition to the theme parks, Orlando boasts more than 100 lakes, ample shopping and grown-up fun at sites like Disney’s Pleasure Island. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Hawaii
Say “Aloha” to the consummate island getaway. The lavish natural beauty of the picturesque white sands and clear turquoise waters of its beaches, make Hawaii a truly paradisaical vacation destination. Here you can truly escape the hassles of the everyday. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Maui
Maui is unparalleled in terms of natural beauty. In fact, Ka’anapali Beach in West Maui was rated among the Top 10 Best Beaches by The Travel Channel! Maui is also known for its nightly luaus – where dancing, music and food are ever plentiful. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Las Vegas
Las Vegas offers immediate access to hundreds of casinos, spas, designer and budget shopping, family-friendly attractions, world-class restaurants, all-you-can-eat buffets, bars and nightclubs – amidst all of the glitter and glam for which Sin City is famous. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Myrtle Beach
Kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, sand castle building and jazz festivals are just several activities you can enjoy at Myrtle Beach. And with over 120 golf courses, it’s no wonder Myrtle Beach is nicknamed the “Golf Capital of the World.” Read More…

Timeshare Vacations on Hilton Head Island
This iconic East Coast getaway welcomes over 1.5 million visitors each year. While here, be sure to indulge yourself with a fine dining experience at one of the island’s 200 restaurants, set along twelve miles of scenic Atlantic coastline. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Colorado
Those who prefer relaxing beach getaways might wonder why Colorado is on our list, but those with a penchant for adventure know it’s home to world-renowned destinations for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Aruba
With an average year-round temperature of 82 degrees, why wouldn’t you spend your vacations here? Aruba’s international vibe and culture will enhance your vacation whether you come to relax on the white sand beaches or to try parasailing for the first time. Read More…

Timeshare Vacations in Mexico
From the spring-break destination of Cancun to vibrant Mexico City to the resort haven of Los Cabos, you could vacation here every year and never experience it all. If you’re looking for fun, visit during one of Mexico’s 5,000 annual festivals! Read More…

If none of these destinations appeals to your sense of the perfect vacation, remember that there are vacation timeshare resorts located in over 100 countries around the world including Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, the UK, Spain, Italy, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and many more!

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