Timeshare Travel

Are you a traveler at heart, touched by wanderlust, but you feel like you never have the time or the money to travel the globe and see the world? It’s time for a new outlook on traveling: timeshare travel.

Luxury Travel Timeshares

Owning a timeshare makes world travel easy and affordable. How? Here are just a few of the ways timeshare ownership can benefit aspiring globetrotters:

  • Travelers can prepay for annual accommodations at today’s fixed rates, eliminating the hassle of budgeting for inflated hotel prices.
  • Timeshare travel accommodations are generally superior to hotel rooms and offer money-saving features such as full kitchens and on-site laundry facilities.
  • Timeshare owners can choose from a variety of accommodation sizes (one or more bedrooms) and can adjust their selection annually if more individuals wish to join in their getaway.
  • Travelers who own timeshare can join an exchange network like RCI travel, enabling them to visit other popular travel destinations worldwide by trading their timeshare weeks.

Interested in learning more about timeshare travel? Visit our timeshare information page or view our selection of available travel timeshares for sale.

Timeshare Travel Tips

To make your travel planning easier—whether you’re a first-time or seasoned timeshare traveler—we’ve compiled some tried and true travel tips to take the hassle out of planning for your timeshare vacation:

  • If you want to buy or rent a timeshare, buy or rent directly from a present owner. Third party companies (like us!) enable you to shop a catalog of thousands of resales or rentals, representing travel timeshare properties in all parts of the world at 20-70% off resort pricing.
  • Start planning early. If you own a timeshare, you won’t have to worry about your accommodations, but there are still many other travel arrangements that you may need to consider including flights, car rentals, vacation activities and tours.
  • If you hope to use frequent flyer miles to cover your flights, remember that many airlines require several weeks of lead-time to process such requests.
  • Don’t waste money on the services of a travel agency. Unless you’re planning a very unusual and ultra-complicated holiday, you can probably handle all your travel planning easily with travel resources you can find right on the Internet.
  • One-stop, multi-service travel websites like Travelocity and Expedia make it easy to bundle travel services like airfare, car rentals, and even activities.
  • Remember that most timeshare resorts offer a vast selection of recreational amenities on-site ranging from golf and tennis to fishing and boating to spa services and fine dining. Best of all, resort activities are often complimentary or discounted for guests, representing a substantial potential savings for timeshare owners.
  • If you are buying non-refundable air tickets, you might want to consider purchasing travel insurance, which will usually provide reimbursement should you miss your flight or lose luggage during your travels.

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