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Ancient ruins, rolling hills, casks of wine, towering Alps, and delicious food—these are but a few things that come to mind when thinking of Italy. As one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, Italy features a culture and a history unlike any other. The atmosphere keeps people coming back year after year, and now frequent travelers have a way to vacation more affordably—Italy timeshare resales.

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Quick Facts about Italy Timeshare

  • Most Italy resorts are located in the country, away from major cities. The only exception is Venice, which features a number of luxury timeshare resorts.
  • When planning Italy vacations, many travelers tend to forget about Sardinia, the autonomous island just off Italy’s west coast. Sardinia is famous for its ultra-white beaches and dazzling blue waters, and is home to a number of high-quality resorts.

Popular Italy Resorts

  • Hotel Palazzo del Giglio
  • I Gioielli del Doge
  • Club Elite Vacation at La Fenice Resort

Things to Do in Italy

Where do you even begin? Italy is filled with things to do on vacation, from fine dining to wine-tasting to sightseeing. Rome is a must-see destination in Italy, as you will marvel at the ancient Roman ruins and obsess over the mouthwatering local cuisine. Rome is a large city, and not easily taken in over the course of just one day—make sure you set aside ample time to see all the city has to offer.

The Italian countryside is home to some of the most pleasant views in the world, so make sure you get out of the city for a while. The landscape in Tuscany is incomparable—you can taste fresh wine straight from the cask among the rolling green and brown hills, or travel to the coast to discover a quaint fishing village filled with colorful Mediterranean buildings. In the North you’ll find the Alps, complete with towering snow-capped peaks and lush green forests.

No trip to Italy is complete without viewing the incredible art. Museums such as the Bargello in Florence and the Vatican Museums in Vatican City contain priceless works of Renaissance art. Visit the Sistine Chapel to view Michelangelo’s breathtaking masterpiece on the ceiling, among the other frescoes that line the walls.

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