Timeshares Vs. Hotels

Which is right for you?

One of the ongoing debates in the vacation ownership industry is whether owning a timeshare is actually more convenient and cost-effective than renting traditional hotel rooms each year. The simple answer? Timeshares offer more luxury and convenient amenities for less money.

Below you will find a head-to-head comparison of timeshare and hotel accommodations to help you decide which option is right for you.

In terms of comfort, timeshares are the clear winner. Click below to browse our inventory now.

Are Timeshare Resorts More Luxurious than Hotels?

If you consider room space and amenities alone, it is readily apparent that timeshare resorts have a lot more to offer. Take a look at this comparison of a double hotel room (two beds) and a one-bedroom timeshare suite. Both units can sleep four guests, but the differences in how (and how comfortably) are revealing.

Standard Hotel Room Features

  • Single room
  • Two double or queen beds
  • Television in room
  • Standard tub/shower in bathroom
  • Coffeemaker, complimentary coffee and tea provided
  • Mini-fridge (some rooms)

Standard Timeshare Suite Features

  • Multiple rooms
  • Queen or king bed in private bedroom
  • Sleeper sofa in separate living room
  • Television in bedroom and living area
  • Jacuzzi tub in bathroom
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Washer/Dryer (some suites)

Are Timeshares More Affordable Than Hotels?

Many travelers look for hotel discounts and then make their reservations, and we don’t blame them. In an effort to raise room occupancy and to fill empty rooms, many hotel chains offer bonus programs and last-minute deals that truly do provide a good value. But, honestly, how often do you plan a romantic getaway or a family vacation at the last minute? Many people never consider how much more comfortable they might be (or how much they could be saving) if they considered timeshares as part of their travel planning. If you regularly vacation—say at least once or twice a year for a total of seven days or more—timesharing can be one of the most financially beneficial decisions you’ll ever make.

Are Timeshares More Convenient Than Hotels?

We’ve already established that timeshares are more convenient in terms of comfort, but what about availability? The big names in hotels—Best Western, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Marriott, and Hilton—offer availability at a moment’s notice, for as brief as a night’s stay, in locations all around the world. They also offer a level of quality that you can depend on.

But did you know that many of the same trusted hoteliers including Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, and even Holiday Inn also offer timeshare resorts? Timeshare resorts with availability in thousands of destinations worldwide, for as brief as a night’s stay, often at a moment’s notice?

Contrary to popular belief, timeshare availability is not limited to resort destinations like Hawaii and the Caribbean. In fact, you can rent or buy timeshare in the heart of many major metropolitan areas including New York City; Boston; Seattle, WA; London; Vienna, Austria; and even Berlin, Germany. Regular business travelers (and vacationers alike) have found these “urban timeshares” to be highly desirable, providing pleasant, spacious lodging for annual business trips.

So why do newcomers often shy away from timesharing? Because they think that ownership locks them into vacationing the same week at the same resort every year. And while it’s true that many timeshare owners choose this option, it’s not the only one. Timeshare owners today have the choice to exchange their vacation intervals at their home resorts for comparably valued weeks at other resorts worldwide thanks to exchange networks like those provided by RCI. Owners today also have the option to vacation in flexible time increments rather than just the traditional 7-day interval. The creation of points-based timeshare memberships allows owners to enjoy weekend getaways, single night stays or to save their points for longer getaways.

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