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Starwood Timeshares

With hotels like the luxurious W brand, and timeshare resorts in the prestigious Westin and Sheraton families, Starwood is a name that means quality. Starwood's diverse offerings also include the sought after Harborside Resort at Atlantis.

Starwood timeshares are all sold as deeded properties, either as a fixed week or as a floating, season-based option. Owners enjoy a 12-8 month window of opportunity to book a week at their home resort before any weeks become available for exchange. Buying timeshare at a Starwood property also gives you access to Interval International, a premiere exchange company with over 2,000 resorts worldwide.

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StarOptions Resorts

Certain Starwood resorts qualify for the StarOptions program - also referred to as the Starwood Vacation Network (SVN) - when purchased as a resale.

Starwood Resorts That Qualify for StarOptions on Resale:

While most Starwood resales do not qualify for their more exclusive programs such as the Starwood Preferred Gueset Program - which allows owners to exchange weeks for StarPoints - certain perks such as Elite Owner status (for owners of multiple Starwood properties) may be negotiated if you purchase from a Starwood resort in addition to your resale weeks. However, with the major savings available on the timeshare resale market, and the many amenities still available through standard Starwood ownership, many vacation shoppers are choosing Starwood resales.

Still, not everyone is ready to purchase a timeshare, retail or resale. Luckily, rentals at Starwood properties make excellent vacations. Renters can take full advantage of Starwood's diverse resort offerings in places like New York City; Orlando, Florida; St. John, in the US Virgin Islands; Aspen, Colorado; Lahaina, Hawaii; and more. Licensed agents acting for owners at Starwood with full program privileges can help you book the most exclusive vacations at these destinations available by exercising their options in the Starwood Preferred Guest Program, the Elite Owner program, and of course the StarOptions program.