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RCI Timeshare

As the largest timeshare exchange and vacation services company in the world, Resort Condominiums International, (RCI) offers more resorts, more services, and more destinations to expand your enjoyment of timeshare ownership than any other company provides. When it comes to timeshare exchange, if bigger means better, then RCI is simply the very best.

RCI Timeshare Exchange is based on two fundamental exchange options: RCI Timeshare Weeks Exchange and RCI Timeshare Points.

RCI Timeshare Weeks Exchange

RCI timeshare involves only a few simple steps. As in all timeshare exchange, the further in advance of the date you wish to vacation that you deposit your timeshare, the greater the likelihood an exchange property will be available at the resort you wish to visit and for the date you wish to travel.

RCI timeshare exchange requires only these simple steps:

  • Deposit your RCI week, which means you are basically giving it back to RCI.
  • RCI evaluates your property based on season (red, white, or blue) and rank (it will either be an RCI Gold Crown Resort or an RCI Silver Crown Resort).
  • You receive a list of available timeshares; your list is based on the exchange value of your deposited RCI timeshare.
  • Select the timeshare week you want to use in place of the one you deposited and your RCI vacation exchange is complete.

Although you are exchanging one timeshare week for another timeshare week, when RCI provides you with a list of available timeshares, they are using their points system. Since not every RCI resort is of equal popularity, size, location, etc., a points system helps determine exchange values.

To further increase your trading power, you also have the option to buy more points or purchase a multi-destination membership.

RCI Timeshare Points Program

RCI has done much to pave the way for greater flexibility in timesharing with the addition of RCI Points, taking timeshare to the next level of vacationing ease and enjoyment. Like the traditional RCI weeks program, RCI Points allows timeshare owners the opportunity to trade their annual or biennial week for time at one of the thousands of resorts in the expansive RCI network. Unlike the weeks program, owners trade their week at their resort for a certain number of points, rather than a direct (week for week) exchange.

RCI points act as a form of RCI currency, making it possible for owners to "purchase" time at one of the Points-affiliated, in-network properties. Points can be divided and used for several shorter-stay vacations, or they can be banked or saved to secure time in more luxurious resorts, or more highly desirable vacation seasons.

Additional benefits of RCI timeshare exchange for which you may qualify or which can be added to your membership for a small fee:

  • RCI Vacation Protection provides a way for RCI members to change or cancel their vacation while still retaining the full trading power of their timeshare exchange and receiving their entire exchange fee credited for reuse later, should they need to rework their vacation plans.
  • Multiple deposits of small value exchange can be combined for a larger deposit credit.
  • Deposit values can also be extended for up to one year, maximizing your window to vacation.
  • When you can’t find the vacation you are searching for, RCI’s Ongoing Search feature will search for you and notify you when a suitable match is found.
  • RCI timeshare gift certificates make it easy for you to give your timeshare vacation credits to a friend or family member.
  • Extra VacationsSM Getaways give you access to discounted vacation opportunities you can purchase, without using your exchange points.
  • Last CallSM Vacations are RCI member’s most discounted vacation opportunities.
  • RCI Travel makes it easy for RCI members to handle all aspects of their trip—air travel, car rental, etc.—through one easy booking system.
  • RCI Cruise provides RCI members with access to more than 25 leading cruise lines and thousands of cruise itineraries.
  • Other exclusive services and benefits include RCI Vacation Guides; search; the RCI Shopping PerksSM Program; RCITV for ease of vacation planning; and much, much more.