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Interval International

Interval International (II) timeshare exchange is one of the reasons timeshare owners love timeshare as II travel benefits and exchange privileges greatly enhance the options for many owners to enjoy their timeshare and get the most out of their vacation ownership. Membership with Interval International is open to timeshare owners and timeshare resales owners who own property at any of the more than 2600 Interval International affiliated resorts.

Timeshare Exchange with II

Interval International members can take advantage of timeshare exchange using either a "deposit first" approach or the "request first" exchange method. This dual option exchange program was designed to offer maximum flexibility for Interval International members.

In the deposit first method, all rights for timeshare use go to Interval International at the time the timeshare is deposited and once the deposit is made it cannot be retracted. Once the timeshare is deposited, the member can then request his timeshare exchange, and the exchange request can be made up to one year before or two years after the time relinquished (your deposited week). This option provides members the largest window for exchange.

With the request first method, the timeshare owner has a narrower window of time in which to take his or her vacation, but has the security of knowing that the owned timeshare week does not have to be relinquished until after the requested exchange week is confirmed.

In addition to timeshare exchange, Interval International provides a range of vacation services, including Enhanced Membership Programs. Members also have the option to purchase getaways at destinations worldwide with no exchange required.

Enhanced Membership Programs

Interval International offers its members three value-added membership programs: Interval Gold; Interval Platinum; and Club Interval Gold.

Interval Gold provides it members ShortStay Exchange℠; Interval Options to trade resort weeks or points for the purchase of a cruise, golf or spa vacation; resort discounts; hotel and dining discounts; VIP Concierge service; Hertz membership; and cash back on selected cruises booked thorough Interval Travel.

Interval Platinum is Interval’s most prestigious level of membership, offering all the benefits of Interval Gold plus: $50 off all Getaways; Priority Getaway access; Platinum Escapes which are deeply discounted vacation weeks available only by email invitation; free guest certificates; a VIP airport lounge membership; and a companion airline travel program.

Club Interval Gold is a way for Interval International members to combine the best of traditional timeshare with the flexibility of a points-based timeshare program. Members of Club Interval Gold can convert their resort week into points and then use them to exchange within Interval’s worldwide network of 2600 resorts; use them to exchange for timeshare of various sizes, locations, and seasons; combine deposits to trade up for a larger timeshare unit or higher season; and apply points toward the purchase of cruises, spa services, or golf vacations. Members of Club Interval Gold additionally receive all the benefits of Interval Gold membership.