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Interval International (II) is one of the largest timeshare exchange companies in the world and is affiliated with many of the best timeshare resorts in the industry. Their network consists of 2,900 resorts across the globe, making an II membership a great option for timeshare owners, who want to save money on their annual vacations through vacation ownership, while also having the flexibility to travel all over the world.

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How Does Interval International Work?

Members deposit their timeshare week with Interval for the opportunity to exchange for a week at another resort. Members can visit new destinations and stay in different timeshare resorts without the hassle or expense of owning multiple weeks.

Many timeshare owners choose to become Interval International members for the flexibility it gives them for their vacations. A member could easily visit a new location every year and never have a dull vacation!

What Are The Benefits of Interval International Membership?

Interval International members have access to over 2,500 resorts worldwide. Additionally, members have access to travel planning advice and assistance, as well as deals on airfare, car rentals, attractions, and more.

Interval International memberships start at $89 per year. However, many affiliated resort companies include Interval International membership with the annual maintenance fees.

Where Are Interval International Resorts?

Interval International affiliated resorts can be found in over 80 countries worldwide, allowing you to travel nearly anywhere you’d like to go. See below for some of the popular Interval International resorts.

Top Interval International Destinations Worldwide

Top Interval International Destinations in the United States

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