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Turn your unused timeshare week, vacation club points or fractional property into rental income with our convenient timeshare rental services. (Not what you were looking for? If you are interested in renting a timeshare for your next vacation, visit our timeshare rentals page.)

Rent out your timeshare through, and there are no upfront fees. Our rental process for owners is simple and hassle-free; we do the work for you.

How to rent timeshare on

  • Start by filling out the form to the right.
  • Our licensed agents will assist you in determining a rental price for your vacation property.
  • We will field all inquiries for you and present you with legitimate offers.
  • Rental insurance is provided to vacationers so they are confident in booking your rental.
  • Once we have a renter, you will need to sign and return a simple rental agreement.
  • Next, we distribute a payment letter and funds to you. (Funds are sent in the form of a check from our company for the rental amount, less our rental fees.)
  • Once your check has cleared, you will need to transfer the renter's name onto your resort reservation and/or guest pass.

Contact us today to learn more about our rental services or to list your timeshare rental with

Automatic Price Drop Program

As an additional service, we also offer an automatic price drop program for rentals. This program is designed to increase the likelihood that you will rent out your timeshare week before your reservation date and to automate the pricing of your rental listing to make our services more efficient.

Four times during the period 60 to 10 days before your check-in date, your price will drop in 10% increments of the original price. Just-reduced properties engender increased interest from vacationers, and we've had great success renting out last-minute timeshares with this program. Participation is optional, but we strongly encourage anyone who wants to rent out their timeshare to elect this additional free service.

Now is the best time to rent out your vacation ownership as there are more and more vacationers looking to rent timeshares and fractionals every day. Best of all, it takes only seconds to start the process – simply fill out this simple form, and our team will do the rest.

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