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Most people don’t know about timeshare rentals. Which is surprising, when you consider that renting a timeshare offers a significant cost savings compared to hotel rates.

When most people think of hotel rooms, they think of:

  • Small, cramped rooms
  • Limited amenities
  • Abrupt checkout the next morning

Typical timeshares, on the other hand, offer:

  • Several bedrooms
  • Spacious, condominium-style accommodations
  • Fully furnished living quarters, including kitchen appliances
  • Easy access to high-demand resort destinations
  • Exchangeability: timeshares may be exchanged for a comparable week at a comparable resort anywhere in the world.
  • Transferability: most timeshares can be bought, sold, rented, or bequeathed to one’s heirs.

It has often been said that timeshare rentals are the best kept secret in the entire hospitality industry. Granted, there are mixed-use facilities which offer on-the-spot rentals. But, most vacationers assume that luxury condominium rentals are beyond their financial means. This is by no means the case. Timeshare rentals are available on the secondary market, often for the price of the owner’s maintenance fees. This amount is typically lower than the average nightly rate for hotel rooms in the surrounding area. This creates an interesting scenario, whereby desirable resort property can be obtained for less than the cost of comparatively smaller and less commodious hotel accommodations.

In other words, when you rent timeshare, you’re getting amazing value for your money.

Why Are There So Many Timeshare Rentals Available?

Many timeshare owners find themselves unable to take annual vacations, for whatever reason. Not every owner is able to take a vacation every year. Often, a timeshare owner will rent his or her timeshare to recover additional expenses. After all, it doesn’t make sense to keep a timeshare if you’re not using it. For this reason, many owners seek to rent out their units so they are not left with unpaid maintenance fees.

If you want to vacation in sought-after destinations, we encourage you to explore timeshare rentals. If you’re vacationing with children, a timeshare provides enough space for everyone to relax comfortably on vacation. Moreover, timeshare rentals provide access to better accommodations, compared to traditional hotel rooms.

Timeshare rentals are ideal for students on spring break—divided among a group of friends, it’s cost-effective to rent a timeshare, thereby reserving ideal accommodations for a week-long getaway.

Timeshares are typically found near big vacation destinations, but if business takes you there, there’s no reason not to rent a spacious timeshare condo. Find your perfect rental on our site.

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