Timeshare Advantages

Timesharing is a unique way to vacation that more than two million families in the U.S. enjoy every year. As such, the world of timeshare offers a specific set of advantages that make owning a unit or membership of your own that much more rewarding.

However, studies show that half the people who attend a timeshare would like to buy, but don’t commit because they need more information or want to take a little more time. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the best timeshare advantages that come along with any vacation ownership.

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Breaking Down Timeshare Benefits

If you’ve even considered purchasing one in the past, you might have found yourself wondering is a timeshare worth it? The only one who can answer that question for you is yourself, but the truth is that there are many advantages to purchasing a timeshare beyond just guaranteed vacations. If you decide to buy a timeshare, you can expect to reap the following rewards:

  • Book spacious condo or suite-style accommodations instead of cramped hotel rooms
  • Lock in yearly accommodations with a one-time purchase
  • Escape more often—timeshare owners are proven to take more vacations than non-owners
  • Travel the world through easy timeshare exchange
  • Rent out your timeshare when you don’t plan on using it
  • Some of your vacations may be tax deductible (ask a professional tax advisor)
  • Lend it to family and friends to share great vacations
  • Will your ownership to others when you’re done with it

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