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Timeshare Sales – Resort or By-Owner?

Many of our customers ask us about the benefits of timeshare sales by owner on the secondary market, rather than buying directly through a resort. While the primary benefit is monetary—timeshares for sale by owner tend to cost 25-70% less than resort timeshares, there are other equally advantageous benefits that are often taken for granted.

This page will help you compare buying timeshare from a resort with buying a timeshare from an owner or a timeshare broker, and the pros and cons of each experience.

Resort Timeshare Sales

Despite the growth of for-sale-by-owner timeshare services in the past decade, the majority of new timeshare owners still buy from a resort. Why? Likely, because they are unaware of the benefits of purchasing resale, or because they are lured into attending a timeshare sales presentation at the resort with offers of free giveaways and free weekend getaways.

However, these free giveaways almost always come at a price. Marketing overhead for resort promotions has to be recouped somewhere, and most often it’s in the timeshare sale price. Industry experts have estimated that around 50% of resort timeshare price is mark-up to cover such expenses.

You might wonder why anyone would buy from the resort given these statistics, but timeshare sales presentations are notorious for being very high-pressure, and attendees who had no intention of doing so beforehand will often buy on impulse. More often than not, the presentations run anywhere from 90 minutes to upwards of five hours, and full attendance is required in order to redeem the promised “free giveaway.”

Timeshare sales presentations can be very helpful if you want to partake in an on-site tour, learn the ins and outs of the resort, or learn about the resort ownership experience. But if you do decide to attend a timeshares sales presentation, be wary of overly ideal portrayals of timeshare ownership at the resort. Timeshare salespeople will often make it out to be the perfect opportunity when, in fact, timeshare ownership is not ideal for everyone or every family.

Timeshare Sales By Owner

One of the best features of our timeshare website is that we will never call you and try to persuade you to buy a timeshare. The timeshare experts at VacationOwnership.com will only contact you if you request our reliable and professional guidance to help you make an educated decision. Unlike the resorts, we simply list timeshares for sale complete with all the information you need to decide whether or not timesharing is right for you. We’ve found that because of the quality, diversity, and the value of the timeshare resales advertised on our site, they tend to sell themselves.

We don’t offer free giveaways in exchange for viewing our sale timeshare properties, but by choosing by-owner timeshare sales at VacationOwnership.com you can browse our extensive online inventory at your own pace and in the comfort of your home without pressure. You can also compare various resorts and units side by side to see what properties and which features best suit your needs.

While we also cannot offer you an on-site tour of every resort in our inventory, what we can do is offer you a discounted vacation rental at the resort of your choice so that you can experience the resort suites, its amenities, and its staff first-hand. Our selection of by-owner timeshares for rent is extensive, and they are priced well below the cost of booking a rental through the resort and are even less expensive than many standard hotel rooms. Best of all, if you decide you don’t want to purchase a timeshare afterwards, at least you’ll have the memories of a great vacation to take home with you.

So why wait? Fulfill your vacation dreams today without emptying out your bank account.

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