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Critical Information for Timeshare Sellers is a New Type of Timeshare Resale Company

Selling timeshare and other vacation ownership products has too long been a confusing and frustrating experience for owners. Although at first glance there appear to be a variety of options available for those who need to resell timeshare - from in-house resort resale programs to relief companies, from online for-sale-by-owner-ad companies to timeshare brokerage firms – somehow these options always seem to fall short of the mark in addressing and serving consumer needs.

Until now.

Our Vision for Timeshare Resale is a new kind of website: a convenient, simple to use marketplace for timeshare resales and rentals. And we are a new kind of timeshare resale company: one that combines the best of an online for-sale-by-owner advertising company with the assurance of a full-service timeshare brokerage firm. We offer the extensive online exposure of a large timeshare resale advertiser paired with the one-on-one care and service that can only be provided by specialists with expertise in timeshare resales.

Work with us and you will only work with licensed real estate agents. Speak with someone who not only understands how to sell a timeshare, but also understands your unique vacation ownership product.

At there are no risks, because there are no upfront fees. And with the industry’s most competitive commission rates – always paid after the sale has completed – you will never pay anything out of pocket for our services.

We think it’s time for a change in timeshare resale. Don’t you?

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