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Disney Vacation Club & Disney Timeshare

The Disney Resorts are world renowned as preeminent family-friendly vacation destinations. Theme and water parks, live shows, and magical characters, all combined with an unmatched celebratory atmosphere, have made Disney the perfect getaway for families with children. The magic of Disney is one of the top reasons that Disney Vacation Club is among the most revered and sought-after vacation clubs in the entire world.

However, many avid vacationers do not realize that Disney Vacation Club memberships offer ample attraction for adults, with or without children. In fact, at any given time, the adults in a Disney park outnumber the children, four to one.

Fine restaurants, bars, and nightclubs as well as live entertainment, shopping, and sporting events are part of the grown-up attractions of Disney. These options coupled with great resort amenities mean that parents can enjoy a romantic solo getaway one year and a fun-filled family vacation in Orlando the next.

Vacation Ownership and Disney

Disney has long set the standard for superior vacations, family-friendly entertainment and attractions, and immaculate accommodations. The Disney Vacation Club takes this commitment to vacation excellence a step farther by offering members the chance to purchase a real estate interest in Disney. This unique vacation ownership program features a flexible points-based system. As a DVC member you receive a predetermined allotment of points each year, points that can be exchanged for numerous vacation opportunities.

Disney Vacation Club members can exchange, using their points value at the eleven DVC resorts, seven of which are at Walt Disney World Orlando (with an eights one coming in 2013); with the other four being the DVC resort at Disneyland in California, as well as resorts in Oahu, Hawaii, Vero Beach, Florida and Hilton Head, South Carolina. Only members who have purchased their DVC points directly from Disney, or purchased resale DVC points prior to March 21, 2011, can also use those points at Disney resort hotels in California, Florida, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Disney Cruise Line, and other (non-Disney) vacations. 

Resorts and destinations are each assigned a point value in which high demand, red season weeks, and larger units require the greatest number of points. Yet because DVC members enjoy the luxury of being able to bank or borrow points as they need, their vacations will never fall short of how they picture them in their dreams.

As a DVC timeshare owner, you're never locked into one vacation type, destination, season, or duration. Each time the travel bug bites you, you can choose when, where, for how long, and in what size timeshare suite you will reside. You can take one long vacation a year or many smaller ones throughout the year depending on your travel needs and flexibility.

We offer Disney timeshares for sale as well as Disney timeshare rentals on our site. Browse our listings and find the perfect Disney vacation for your family.