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South Africa Timeshares

Explore Your Wild Side with South Africa Timeshare

Nowhere on Earth are you as close to life as you are here. Here, where the cradle of man was formed. Here, where life teems everywhere, life that is so savagely snuffed out by the jaws of a hungry beast - life that is all the more savored because it is lived on the edge. South Africa timeshare can be your oasis in this harsh and beautiful land.

South Africa Timeshare Resales - Wild and Refined

You'll find this a land of contrasts. Juxtaposed against the wild desert is the refinement to be found in its cities - luxurious, artistic, and rich in culture. Own South Africa timeshare resales and be close to it all.

Go on safari for animals or adventure safari and climb the incredible rock formations found everywhere. There are a host of natural wonders for you to view, including grand waterfalls like Bridal Veil and the majestic Lisbon falls where the water tumbles over 300 feet to the rocks below. Rent South Africa timeshare and explore a different region of South Africa every year.

Try the Wild Coast where waterfalls tumble directly into the ocean - something that you may not find elsewhere in the world. Buy South Africa timeshare and rest assured that your next trip won't have to involve months of researching hotels and trying to get an accurate description of where you'll be staying. With timeshares, you choose your level of luxury and comfort.

Stay in South Africa Timeshare and Touch History

Whether you're a history buff interested in modern times or want to study all of human history you're in the right place. As you traverse the Wild Coast, be sure to stop in Qunu, the childhood home of Nelson Mandela. This area is also great for fishing and horseback riding.

It is likely that the first place you'll see in South Africa is Johannesburg, a major international transportation center. Just a short drive from Johannesburg is the Sterkfontein Valley where the origins of humankind have been found.

Or if you're looking for a more leisurely pursuit, listen to traditional African music in a café in Cape Town as you read a book about the adventurous spirits that first circumnavigated the Cape of Good Hope. Whatever you desire, you'll find a South African timeshare sale that suits your sensibilities. South Africa also boasts several Blue Flag beaches - these are beaches that are internationally recognized for their cleanliness and amenities. Try Durban's South Beach.

Experience Nature Raw and Real

If you want to see the vastness of life played out for you on both a grand and minute scale, then venture into the Kalahari Desert. Here you'll find lions, great eagles, cobras, and other animals all vying for survival. In Elephant Coast visit Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park Marine where giant sea turtles return to the same beaches where they were born to lay their eggs. And no visit to South Africa would be complete without visiting God's Window along the Panorama Route.

Try Tabletop Mountain for another grand vista. It's an adventure getting here, however, because the cable car that takes you dangles precipitously over amazing mountainscapes.

Enjoy Cosmopolitan Venues

Of course, for a little refinement, visit during the fall and take part in WineX held in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. South Africa offers exquisite wines for connoisseurs and amateurs alike. In fact, you'll find that your South African timeshare in the city can be exciting and energizing. Come to South Africa and experience your life, magnified.