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Puerto Rico Timeshares

The Island of Enchantment

Puerto Rico is one of the closest fun in the sun destinations, but once you visit here you'll realize that once your feet touch its sandy shores, you've been transported a world away, away from the cares of the every day world, away from the cold, dark days of endless rain, fog, and snow. Not for you the doldrums of unending bad weather. Instead you'll be standing knee deep in the jeweled waters off Puerto Rico.

It won't be long before you'll realize that the only thing better than vacationing here is to own a piece of it for yourself - buy Puerto Rico Timeshare.

Old Puerto Rico is New Again

Influenced heavily by Spanish occupation, cities like San Juan burst with architectural beauties. Recently, the city of San Juan decided to undergo revitalization, especially to the colonial and Spanish architecture found in Old San Juan. The waterfront is also undergoing revitalization. Strolling down the streets you'll be carried away by the charm of a bygone era, complete with authentic facades and horse drawn carriages. Be sure to visit El Morro Fortress, which has served as the guardian of the bay for over 400 years.

Or, try Puerto Rico timeshare for rent in nearby Ponce. Ponce hasn't escaped attention during the revitalization efforts. Here you'll see the most extensive revitalization project undertaken in this area of the world. Because the music from this island has been such a heavy musical influence, be sure to visit the Museum of Puerto Rican Music. Listen to the music tinged with the sounds of traditional instruments like the guiro and tambours.

From your Puerto Rican Timeshare, stroll to the Plaza del Mercado - fully restored and converted to an craftsman's marketplace. This is a great time to pick up an Azabache bracelet to ward off the evil eye. Play a game of dominoes with a local and enjoy the local ambiance.

Celebrate the Puerto Rican Way

In addition to celebrating all the traditional U.S. holidays, each town in Puerto Rico holds festivals in honor of its patron saint complete with processions, food, music, and dancing. If you're here in January, be sure to celebrate Three Kings Day on the sixth, where children place boxes of hay and bowls of water under their beds. The grateful kings (the kings who gave the Christ child gold, frankincense and myrrh) will reward the children with presents.

Diving Vacations

Explore one of the greatest diving locations in the world. Not many people realize just how diverse the marine life is here. Although you can't dive it, one of the little known facts about this area is that the Puerto Rico Trench is one of the deepest in the world. Only 75 miles north of Puerto Rico, within this trench and a little farther along, is the Milwaukee depth, which plunges to 27,493 feet.

The best part about Puerto Rico timeshare sales is that you can pick and choose which amenities you'd like. Be sure to ask if the timeshare you're interested in has affiliations with local dive shops that can help outfit you and guide you during your dive.


As you're exploring the rainforest perhaps you'll be lucky enough to see the coqui frog, the national mascot of Puerto Rico. Because the rainforest is so dense and lush, be sure to take a guide as you venture into it. There you'll discover some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the world. Take your binoculars to view the spectacle, or a telephoto lens to capture your memories. Then, once ensconced in your Puerto Rico timeshare, prepare yourself a pot of tea and a snack in your kitchen, sit on the patio of your suite and record your adventures in your travel journal.