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Bahamas Timeshares

Bahamas Timeshare - Paradise a Hop, Skip and Jump Away

Island Seas Resort - Freeport, Bahamas

Warm, sun drizzled days lead to moonlit nights filled with the simple pleasures of life. Like walking hand in hand along the beach as the ocean rushes over your toes, or lying in a hammock - the gentle Caribbean breeze rocking you back and forth - lulling you to sleep. And imagine, all this is only a short plane ride away. When you buy Bahamas timeshares, you're not just buying a suite; you're buying the lifestyle you've always dreamed about.

With over 1,000 islands and cays to explore, you'll find yourself in a continual state of fascination. While the Bahamas is famous for its weather and its beaches, the fact is there are a plethora of experiences to be had here.

Explore your Inner Pirate

Because of its location, and let's face it, its beauty, the Bahamas became a haven for pirates in the 18th century. That's when legends were created - like the infamous pirate Blackbeard who dropped anchor here. You can too - with a Bahamas timeshare resale. Visit museums, read up on the shipping and pirating history of the area and take a tour of notorious pirate hangouts. Imagine yourself living the pirate life and answering to no one. The laissez-faire attitude still exists as visitors take life at their leisure at a relaxed pace.

Don't forget your pirate booty - there's plenty of shopping to be done on the islands as well. Visit centuries-old forts in Nassau - like Fort Charlotte built in the 1700s. Here you'll also see examples of period architecture from all stages of settlement. Bahamas timeshares for sale are available on most popular resort areas and offer highly desirable beachfront accommodations. You'll literally be able to wake up, put on your swimming trunks and step onto the sand.

You and Davey Jones

If you're more into a sporting vacation, then Grand Bahama is for you. Rent Bahamas timeshare in Freeport and spend the day deep-sea fishing off your own privately chartered boat. Or, rent some SCUBA equipment and make your way under the water to view the drop off and an amazing array of marine life. While you're at play in the water, keep a weather eye out for Davey Jones - coming face to face with this character may be your doom.

Do the islands bring out the landlubber in you? Don't worry; there are plenty of golf courses and tennis courts for you as well. Upgrade your vacations and your lifestyle with Bahamas timeshare today.